Prague – The Enchanted City

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, is situated on the banks of the Vlatava river and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and in the World. The first indications of settlements in the area where today is Prague, date back to the year 5000 BC, however it was in the Read more about Prague – The Enchanted City[…]

Vikos Gorge – The Deepest Gorge in the World

 The Vikos Gorge holds a record in Guiness, for being the deepest gorge in the world, it is not the largest is the one that has the greatest relationship between width and depth. It is located in the mountains of Pindo in northern Greece, near the border with Albania. It has a length of about Read more about Vikos Gorge – The Deepest Gorge in the World[…]

Corinth Canal – The division of Continental Greece

The Corinthian strait is a man-made canal in Greece. It is 6,3 km long, and was built between 1881 and 1893, with the intention of making the boat route smaller. As only 21 meters wide, it is very narrow for international freighters, and is mainly used by tourist boats. It is located between the Peloponnese Read more about Corinth Canal – The division of Continental Greece[…]

Český Krumlov – The Medieval City

Krumlov is a medieval city in the south in the Czech Republic and is located about 170 km from Prague. It is a medieval town and is surrounded by the Vltava River, which meanders the small town. There is no airport, and for the visit you can opt for an excursion, departing from Prague, or Read more about Český Krumlov – The Medieval City[…]

Budapest – What to see?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. The name is the junction of two ancient cities, Buddha and Pest, separated by the river Danube. Buda is a more mountainous area, where is located its beautiful historical center, with many monuments and viewpoint to the city. Pest is where Parliament, and other known monuments are located. The Read more about Budapest – What to see?[…]


Stonehenge and Avebury – The Neolithic Today

Avebury is in the United Kingdom, England, in the Marlborough region and is one of the best and greatest monuments of the neolithic in Europe. We visited Avebury late in the afternoon, then we made a few miles to Stonehenge and slept there to see the monument the following morning. One day, it is perfectly Read more about Stonehenge and Avebury – The Neolithic Today[…]

The Natural Parks of England

During our passage through England we had the opportunity to visit 4 natural parks each of them with their singularities and points of interest. Cotswolds Aonb This national park is in the center-south of England and is known for its characteristic hills, with typically English villages, very calm and peaceful. Some of the places we Read more about The Natural Parks of England[…]

Oñati – A medieval city in the heart of the Basque country

     Oñati is a small town in the Basque country known for being the ” Basque Toledo ” due to the number of monuments and barroque architecture.      We discovered this place completely by accident, while we were looking for a place to sleep, and we found a very special corner in the Read more about Oñati – A medieval city in the heart of the Basque country[…]