About us

We are Rita and Miguel, a couple from Portugal who like many, always had the dream of knowing the maximum of nooks and crannies of the world. From an early age we have this taste for discovering the world around us, and when life turn us together we quickly realized that we would discover this world together.

Our first trips were by plane to some European capitals such as Paris, Amsterdam, Rome … but in 2015 we felt we needed something more and decided to take a 9 month trip through Europe by motorhome, which came to pass a year later and means. This journey has made us realize that traveling has to be a fundamental part of our lives, and if possible trips of a few months, that allow us to really ‘dive’ into the journey and the places we visit, without being in any way ‘ time’.

In 2017 we created this travel site / blog where we share a little of what we are seeing and living outthere! More than beautiful photos, we hope that our site is really useful for someone and that inspires people to travel, to leave our comfort zone and to follow our dreams!

At this moment we have some projects and trips already thought, that we want to realize in the next years, as our life allows it, we leave here some:

     – 6-month South-West Asian backpacking trip

     – Travel in India and Nepal

     – Make the Mongol Rally, a crossing from England to Mongolia with a car up to 1100cc

     – Journey through Morocco

     – Ushuaia – Alaska by Jeep / caravan (mythical trip from the most southern point of South America to the North of North America

     – Trip to Iceland

     – Build our own motorhome from a van. ( Done )

      The next big trip is going to be the 6 months of Southwest Asia, to be held in the next few years, until then we will be making small trips, and exploring our beautiful country in our house on wheels!

if you have any doubt, or if you want to say us anything, just leave a comment here or send us an email to worldonmyway@worldonmyway.com