Stonehenge and Avebury – The Neolithic Today


Avebury is in the United Kingdom, England, in the Marlborough region and is one of the best and greatest monuments of the neolithic in Europe.

We visited Avebury late in the afternoon, then we made a few miles to Stonehenge and slept there to see the monument the following morning.

One day, it is perfectly possible to see the two monuments.

The Stonehenge is the most emblematic and touristy, but Avebury also very interessing and also worth’s a visit. In this part of England is possible se many typical houses , with Polme roof .

A good thing about the Avebury monument is that you can see it very close, touch the stones and pay nothing for it.

There is also a “pub” on site, which is the only one in the world surrounded by a circle of stones.

You can hire a car to make the trip to the monuments, go by bus or go on a tour.

the pub
the pub
Avebury - England
Avebury - England
Avebury - England


It is located in the United Kingdom, England, in the region of Salisbury.

The Stonehenge is a composite structure, formed by concentric circles of stones that reach five meters in height and weighing almost fifty tons.

There are three different construction periods identified: period I, 3100AC; period II, 2150AC and period III, 2075AC. I

It is estimated that over thirty million hours of man work were required for the construction of the three phases.

There are several legends and myths related to its construction, being the most accepted, that the Stonehenge will have been a center of archeoastronomy (study of astronomy studied by prehistoric peoples) where they relate the arrangement of the stones with the fact that it was used as an astronomical observatory.


As we arrived there was already night and there was no parking to park, so we chose to stay overnight on a road, which is perpendicular to the main road, the road is like a goat road, but we stop without problems.

Since Stonehenge is located in the interior and there is almost no light, the sky have a lot of stars.

When we went to the place we did not know the cost of the ticket , until we saw that it cost 17 pounds. We think  that  it a bit expensive for a world monument, which should be more accessible to everyone. Even because it is possible to see it from the road without paying nothing, and with a good observation point


Coordinates of where we stayed overnight (for the more adventurous):

51º10’32.5”N 1º49’58.0”W

Local onde pernoitamos noStonehenge

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