''we travel not to escape life , but for life not to escape us ''

This site is the fruit of our passion for travel, here you will be able to travel with us either through the texts or through the photos that we are taking here and there

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Europe on wheels

some articles

Cairngorms National Park - A treasure in the heart of Scotland

'' The Cairngorns National Park is the largest natural park in the UK, and the dozens of parks that we visited during our trip through Europe this is one of our favorites. The park is about 4,500 km2 and is located in north-central Scotland ... ''

Driving in Norway

"Norway is different for several reasons and its roads are one of them. During the two weeks we were in this country we did about 2,000 kilometers, but we were only in the southern part of the country, so our opinion is only obviously what we saw ... "

Normandy - D day

"Normandy is an area in the north of France, known mainly for the landing of the Allied troops that dictated the beginning of the end of World War II, however is not only what this region offers there are other points of interest such as the cliffs of Etretat , or the Mont St. Michel, however now let's just talk about the landing ... ''

Greece - Archaeological Route

"During our visit to Greece, one of the things that impressed us most, was the amount of traces and archaeological monuments that this country has, and that perfectly reveals the importance that Greece had in the ancient world ..."