Oñati – A medieval city in the heart of the Basque country


     Oñati is a small town in the Basque country known for being the ” Basque Toledo ” due to the number of monuments and barroque architecture.

     We discovered this place completely by accident, while we were looking for a place to sleep, and we found a very special corner in the mountains of the Basque country, in the north of Spain.

     Oñati has 10,000 inhabitants, and is surrounded by the natural reserve Aizkorru-Aratz, with many trees and hills yhat give a big feeling of tranquility.

     It was this tranquility that hit us during the days that we were there, we went in November and it was that time of autumn, with a few clouds but no rain. In the morning and at the end of the day there was that fog, which danced through the hills and gave a very welcoming air to the city.

     In the city there is a communal garden, the garbage is decomposed in its own places in the street and there are many children.

     From 4:00 p.m., the streets are full of children running while the parents talk with each other or sit in one of the cafes of the city.

     Oñati have some  monuments, we recommend a visit to Sancti Spiruts University, which was the first university to be built in the Basque country in 1548, the church of San Miguel, which was built above a small creek, unique in Spain, and the natural caves of Arrikrutz, which although we did not go, seemed very interesting.


     We recommend a visit to Oñati especially to those who are traveling by motorhome in Spain, because there is an excellent support infrastructure right at the foot of the village, with everything for free.


To spend the night by motorhome:

Oñati N 43.02801, W 2.40530

Oñati - Spain

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