Mont St Michel – A special place in France

Mount St. Michel is a historical building in a rock formation in the north of France. A fortification and an Abbey were built in this place. St Michel is known for its beauty and the fact that when the tide rises, it is completely surrounded by water, access to the inside is only possible by Read more about Mont St Michel – A special place in France[…]

Normandy – A journey trought D day

Normandy is an area in the north of France, known mainly for the landing of the allied troops that dictated the beginning of the end of World War II. However is not only this. that this region have to offers, there are other points of interest like the cliffs of Etretat, or the Mont St. Read more about Normandy – A journey trought D day[…]

Vale do Loire - France

Loire Valley – What to visit?

The Loire Valley is an area in France known for its magnificent “châteaux” which in French means both castles and palaces. In this region around the Loire River you can find some of the best examples of Renaissance architecture and French enlightenment. Although there are about 300 castles in this region, there are some that Read more about Loire Valley – What to visit?[…]

The amazing cliffs of Etretat

We reached the cliffs of Etrétat at sunset, the sky was clear and we were witnessed of a beautiful end of afternoon, which left us soon enchanted by this beautiful natural monument. The cliffs of Etrétat are rocky limestone formations, the result of millions of years of water and wind influence , in the Normandy Read more about The amazing cliffs of Etretat[…]

Strasbourg – One of the most beautiful cities in France

 Strasbourg is a French city, situated in the east of the country, on the banks of the Rhine and a few kilometers from Germany. The city was founded about 2000 years ago, when it was only a training ground for the Romans. Over the years it has become one of the most important cities of Read more about Strasbourg – One of the most beautiful cities in France[…]