Mont St Michel – A special place in France

Mount St. Michel is a historical building in a rock formation in the north of France. A fortification and an Abbey were built in this place.

St Michel is known for its beauty and the fact that when the tide rises, it is completely surrounded by water, access to the inside is only possible by a bridge.

During our 263 days trip in Europe, St. Michel was one of the places we most  liked, in part because of its uniqueness and its beauty.

Where to stay?

Mont St.Michel is located in the north of France in the region of Normandy.

Is about 1700km from Lisbon, and 360km from Paris.To get there is only possible by car or by tourist bus, the parks are paid and well paid.

St.Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in France so the best hours to visit are undoubtedly at the beginning or end of the day.

Mont Saint - Michel - France

What to see ?

The long history of Mont Saint Michel began in 708 when Aubert, the bishop of Avranches had a sanctuary built in honor of St. Michael at the top of Mont Tombe.

The hill gradually became a place of pilgrimage and worship, and in the centuries that followed more and more houses were built, and other buildings.

In the tenth century, began to be built the Abbey which is one of the reasons why Saint Michel is so iconic.

Saint Michel has a great value for the French because it has always resisted all attacks the foreign forces have made, being a large military fortification and a symbolic place of military identification.

It is possible to visit virtually every site in Saint Michel, from the abbey, the terraces, gardens, the crypt of the great pillars, the chapel of Saint Michel … 

You will certanly be impressed with one of the best examples of medieval and military architecture in Europe.

To get there, it is necessary to park the car in one of the paid car parks, then do 2 kilometers on foot, or take one of the free buses that travels to Mont.

We advise a visit to the tourist information point which has a lot of information about Saint Michel, all in a very ” clean ” and innovative way.

Mont Saint - Michel - France

Where to stay?

There are some hotels within the fortification, but they are a bit expensive, we recommend you settle in another part of Normandy and then make a visit to St.Michel

This region of France has many interesting places to see and all offer good housing conditions.


For a overnight stay in a motorhome:

There is a paid parking in St.Michel but the overnight stay is not allowed, however we discovered a site with a view of the Monte, free of charge. It does not have any facility, it is just for overnight stay. 48 ° 36’51.1 “N 1 ° 30’01.4” W


For those who want to stay in a campsite, there is one at the foot of the access to Monte.

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