Van Conversion #1 – Introduction to the project


“Life on Wheels” is undoubtedly one of our greatest passions. During our trip through Europe of Motorhome, we made the decision in the near future to start a new project, to transform a van into a self-drive / motorhome. After a few months of our arrive to Portugal, here we are, starting this new adventure!

In this article we will explain a little bit the reason of our choice, how we will approach this project here on the site and the next steps of this transformation.

Transformação motorhome carinha


First of all let’s talk about why we decided to converting a van and not buy a motorhome or even keep ours.

By the time we bought our motorhome, we had already planned to sell it as soon as we arrived in Portugal. This was because we already knew that we would arrive without money and because we did not want to have 9,500 € ” tied ” in a single good.

If a person’s assets are X, we do not think it makes sense to have all of your ‘invested’ money in one thing, and this value could come close to $ 0 from one moment to another due to accidents, thefts. ..

And these were the main reasons that led us to sell our motorhome when we arrived. 

We decide to buy a van and turn it over instead of buying a motorhome because it turns out to be cheaper first, depending on the changes you want to make, second and most importantly, because we can do it, and we will be able to learn and gain skills and experience in this area, and finally because we have the possibility to do whatever we want.

Transformação Carrinha motorhome

The transformation here on the site

We will have a space here in the site dedicated to this transformation, where we will put the various phases that we will pass to turn our van into a house on wheels.

All the information that we put here should not be interpreted as “absolute truths”, and may not be the most correct options, because it will be based only on our experience, which is the result of much research, of asking people who work in the area and in our personal opinion, however obviously is always subject to errors.

As we put the articles here, we will also try to put the reason for our choices, to help people who in the future wanto to do something similar.

This will be our first experience of this kind, incidentally, at the DIY level the most we did was a closet so it will undoubtedly be a very interesting experience.

Any information they find pertinent, advice, tips … are completely comfortable to give, which will certainly be very useful.

Transformação Carrinha motorhome

The van

The van we bought was a Iveco Daily 30.8D. We chose this truck for several reasons, which we will explain:

  • We fit inside, which for us was a mandatory requirement;
  • The box is 3.7m long, which makes it very roomy, but not big enough to be an inconvenience to parking and diesel consumption;
  • The price, it cost us less than 2000 €, which was also an important factor for us.
  • Mechanically we seem to be in good condition, and the engine is very reliable and strong.
Transformação motorhome carinha
Transformação motorhome carinha

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