• Capital: Paris
  • Territorial area: 543 965 Km2
  • Population: 67 425 000 
  • Official language: Francês
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC + 1 (Summer: UTC +2)

     France is probably the country that we have been more days, after Portugal of course.

     In total we have been in the country for 4 occasions, three during our trip around  Europe by motorhome and one when we went to Paris by plane.

     First of all, France is a very complete country, we have been on top of snow-capped mountains, in breath-taking castles and palaces, on very beautiful beaches … which makes it very appealing to anyone who wants to travel.

     For those traveling by motorhome France is one of the best countries in Europe, first there are hundreds of infrastructures throughout the territory to support the caravanists, we slept in vary different places, like vineyards castles and farms of cheese, all for free.

      The country have probably the best network of tourist information centers in Europe, so makes it very pleasant to travel through France, it is normal to that village that does not seem to have great importance to have a tourist information center, with a lot of information about the place, and things to do.

     In our several weeks in France we have been able to visit very well some of its territory, such as the Loire Valley, the Normandy area, the South Coast, Paris and Strasbourg,  you can click in each word to see a article about the place.

     The prices in France are high especially in services, in the supermarket are superior to the Portuguese but not a really bif difference,  difference is biggest in the cities.

     The roads are good, and there are some free highways.

     The people are friendly but speak very little English, we had a problem in our van and we went like 10 workshops and no one spoke english.


Official France Official Tourist Site

Some photos of france

Articles about france

Mont Saint Michel

'' Mount St. Michel is a historical building in a rock formation in the north of France. A fortification and an Abbey were built in this place....''

Loire Valley

''The Loire Valley is an area in France known for its magnificent "châteaux" which in French means both castles and palaces....''



Estrasburgo - What to know?

 ''Strasbourg is a French city, situated in the east of the country, on the banks of the Rhine and a few kilometers from Germany...''

Normandy - D Day

''Normandy is an area in the north of France, known mainly for the landing of the allied troops that dictated the beginning of the end of World War IIe...''

The amazing cliffs os Etretat

"We reached the cliffs of Etrétat at sunset, the sky was clear and we were witnessed of a beautiful end of afternoon, which left us soon enchanted by this beautiful natural monument..."

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