Lake Bled e Bohinj – Slovenia finnest lakes


Lake Bled and Bohinj are two lakes in Slovenia and are located in the Julian Alps in the north-west of the country. We first visited Lake Bled and then Lake Bohinj.

As both places are very touristy, especially in the summer, everything that is possible free spots to parking are all very concessioned, especially for motorhomes, which can not be stop anywhere between 10 pm and 06 am, they must obligatorily go to a camping sie.

In Bled we found a car park on account, about € 2 and is accessible to all vehicles, including the possibility of staying overnight, without paying more for it.


Lake Bled – A lake with an island in the middle

 It is one of the main tourist destinations of Slovenia and is in the town of Bled, wrapped in mountains and forests.

The lake is about 35 km from the international airport of Ljubljana and 50 km from the capital Ljubljana.

The lake is 120m long, 1380m wide and has a maximum depth of 29.5m and has a small island, the island of Bled.

swim in Bled

The city has accoodations, restaurants and a tourist information point, the best we visited so far, had lots of information, illustrations and programs to do in the region.

We advise anyone who wants to explore the area a little more, to the tourist spot.

It is possible to walk by footpaths around the lake and do boat trips, to the island, which has a very beautiful church and is a point of attraction of the lake.

We leave the coordinates of the parking lot on Lake Bled, for cars and for overnight in motorhomes (No facilities and is 10 min walk from the lake):

Bled : GPS coordinates: 46º22’01.5”N 14º04’55.3”E

Passadiço em Bled

Bohinj Lake – Adventure Lake

Lake Bohinj is about 20 km from Lake Bled. You can drive, hike or rent a car. The two lakes are unique and of an unexplainable beauty, it is very quiet and a place where we can observe and be in contact with nature.

Lago Bohinj
Lago Bohinj

Bohinj Lake is more suited to adventurers and extreme activities lover’s, it has a nautical school, where you can rent canoes, kayaks and do book activities with guides.

There are also walking routes and cycling routes that you can do to observe the environment that surrounds you.

Lake Bohinj
Lago Bled
lake Bled

We rented a canoe for two people, 3H and it cost us € 20, ie it’s about € 6.5 / H.

As we were in July, we caught a very pleasant time, we paddled on the lake, watching the beautiful views that surrounded us, the reflections, the mountains and the forests.

There is also a bathing area on both lakes, where you can simply go for a swim, or catch some sun and soak in the crystal-clear green waters.

Lago Bohinj
Lago Bohinj
Lago Bohinj
Lake Bohinj

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