• Capital: Ljubljana
  • Territorial area: 20 273 Km2
  • Population: 2 023 358 
  • Official Language: Slovenian
  • Currency :Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Our journey through Slovenia was short and we stayed only 5 days in this country, we visited the capital Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, we stayed only these days because we had to go back to Portugal earlier and because doing wild camping in Slovenia is complicated, because there are many signs that forbid the parking.

     We spent almost all the kilometers we had done in this country surrounded by trees and mountains, we also saw many villages and hills that reminded us of Switzerland.

     The capital Ljubljana has a castle and a small historical center, its a very nice city, there were not many people and everything was clean, very nice to take a walk in the cneter and sit in one of the many restaurants and cafes that exist scattered throughout the city.

     Then we head towards Lake Bled, Slovenia’s most famous lake which has an island with a church in the middle, and is in the Julian Alps national park, a very beautiful area with many possibilities for hiking and extreme sports.

     Then we continue to another lake Bohijn, which is a little less known but equally beautiful, and even closer to all the activities that this region of the Julian Alps offers.

     For motorhomes it is quite impossible to overnight in these lakes near the water without paying, there are signs to prohibit overnight parking everywhere, we slept but were woken up in the morning by the park rangers. this is because there are many motorhomes traveling to Slovenia. However in the capital, we stayed in a free camping facilitie with water and electricity near the center, something that is very rare to see in European capitals.

     The prices compared to the Portuguese are almost the same, with only the restaurants being a bit more expensive.

     The roads are reasonable and the motorways are paid for, so we always had drive in the national roads.


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