Warsaw – What to see?

Warsaw is a capital with a different history from most of the European capitals, because it was practically all destroyed in 1943 when the Poles revolted against the Nazi occupation. At the end of the 63-day clashes, the city was free but in rubble.

The past has marked this city a lot, before 1939, more than one-third of the inhabitants were Jews, most of them die at the hands of the Nazis.

Nowadays, the marks are really only psychological, since the city has been totally rebuilt, and it is possible to walk in the historical zone almost without realizing the horrors that have happened in those places.

Map of warsaw

We arrived in Warsaw without high expectations, but the truth is that we were positive surprised bythe city.

We found a capital with very life, a beautiful historical area, very arranged and parks scattered throughout the city, the day we arrived there was an event with young people, reason why the city was very alive and with many concerts.

As in other cities in Poland, one point that Warsaw has in your favor are the prices, you can get dinner out for € 20 two people, and things are generally cheap, like beers, or supermarkets.

Top Warsaw attractions

  • Historical center

The historic center of Warsaw dates back to the beginning of sec. XIII, and was rebuilt from scratch after the Second World War.

The oldest monument in Warsaw is in the main square, it is the column of King Zygmunt, and was erected in sec. XVII. This area has many bars, restaurants, some churches and monuments as well.

The royal castle occupies a prominent place in the main square.

  •      Krakowskie Przedmieście

It is one of the most known and important streets of Poland, with churches, monuments, cafes and restaurants.

Warsaw - Poland
  • Palace of Culture and Science

One of the most well-known buildings in Warsaw is the Palace of Culture and Science, symbol of socialism, was built as a ” present of the Soviets ” in the 50’s.

Because it represents a time of oppression that was the time of Soviet control, the building is not much cherished by the Polish population, the truth is that it stands out a lot in the city, were not his 231 meters of height.

Warsaw - Poland
Warsaw - Poland
  • Saxon Garden
Warsaw - Poland

 As we have said, we were positively surprised with Warsaw. We are not going to take the first flight to Warsaw, but we think it makes sense for people traveling in that part of Europe to take a trip to the capital of Poland.

For those traveling by motorhome it is relatively easy to park near the city center, we stayed overnight near the Vistula River and had no problem, the parking meters are paid but they are cheap.

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