• Capital: Berna
  • Territorial area: 41 283 Km2
  • Population: 8 391 793 
  • Official Language: German, French, Italian, Romanche
  • Currency: Swiss Franc
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (summer UTC +2)

     Switzerland was one of the countries that we most wanted to visit due to its landscapes, lakes and regions of the Alps.

     Well …. we can say that we did not disappoint ourselves at all.

     The landscapes we saw were breathtaking, especially because of the imposing Alps, the beautiful lakes and the good fortune of having caught up a good time.

     One of the great differences of Switzerland is its minimum wage, 3 300euros.

     What makes the prices of the products very high, for example a menu in a medium restaurant is about  40 €.

     But compared to the Portuguese minimum wage, 1/6 of the Swiss, things are not 6x more expensive, which gives people a good standard of living.

     We saw good houses, arranged, but without great luxuries, contrary to what we thought. The cars are also mid-level, some good, others older.

     At security level, Switzerland is very safe.

     People leave a lot of things away from home and the kids go to home alone, from school, some as young as 5.

     As for motorhomes we did not see almost free sites, but we always stopped without problem. In Switzerland to drive on motorways is necessary to buy a sticker, which costs 50 €. We chose not to buy, because we realized that the nationals were relatively good, without snow and ice, even when surrounded by snow.

     The cities we saw were beautiful, without great historical elements, but with a very friendly surroundings.

     The innermost area is very welcoming and gives a lot of desire to one day have a lifestyle similar to some we have seen, simple and without great material luxuries. We saw a father and a mother going to get their daughter to school by boat and houses glued to the lakes, with beautiful views !!!


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Interlaken e Lauterbrunnen

"Interlaken is a small Swiss town between two lakes in the Alps region. It is well known among tourists, especially for its beauty and for being a gateway to the Alps region and for all the snow sports and summer activities that can be done in this area.…"


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