• Capital: Madrid
  • Territorial area: 504 030 km2
  • Population: 46 524 946
  • Official Language: Castillian, Catalan
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Spain is a special country for us because it was where we started to have our first adventures by car, it was here that we made our first big car trip in 2014, we were supposed to have made the entire Costa Del Sol to Barcelona, ​​but we only got to Marbella because our car broke down.

     The following year we repeated the trip and this time we arrived in Barcelona, ​​where we stayed for a few days before returning to Lisbon.

     The fact that Spain is so close to Portugal, makes it a very affordable county to travel, and we are fortunate enough to have already done the whole south coast, and little of the north coast, and a bit of the center, taking this into account we have to say that Spain is one of European countries with more distinct landscapes.

     Spain has everything from areas with very beautiful beaches with large stretches of sand, beaches with cliffs, mountain areas, snow, forests, cities with culture, areas that remind the desert because they are very arid, to vast areas with plateaus to lose sight of.


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