• Capital: Bratislava
  • Territorial area: 49 035 Km2
  • Population: 5 426 252 
  • Official Language: Slovak
  • Currency: Euro
  • FTimezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     We spent three nights in Slovakia and although we did not visit the capital, nor any big city, we saw much of the north and northeast of the country. Two of the nights we were in a natural park called Poloniny.

     The country, at least the area we saw, is one of the most arborized and although it does not have many high mountains, it is very hilly.

     In rural areas we have seen some poverty, especially in populations of non-Slavic origin.

     We were in the Carpathians, a mountainous chain of Europe, that extends to 1500 km, crossing Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

     We went for a ride on a motorbike that we rented in Poland, up to the Tatra Mountains, the highest point of the Carpathians. The Tatra, form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia.

     We are mountain fans and we loved our walk through this part of slovakia, a place with beautiful views, lakes, hiking trails and where you can see bears in the wild.

     The roads we drove were nothing special, and when we got off the main roads, they were a little bumpy. The motorways are paid (sticker) so we did not walk.

     In the overall the country seemed a bit different to us from the rest of Western Europe.

     We did not feel unsafe, but due to some poverty we saw, we felt a bit afraid to leave the motorhome in more remote areas.

     The prices are similar to those in Portugal.

     We saw some animal life and we were in a park (Poloniny) that has bisons, wolves and bears in the wild.

     For campers we did not see anything free.


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