Keuknhof and Kinderdjik – Where to see the Flowers and the Windmills


The mills and flowers are one of the main attractions of the Netherlands, and in this article we will tell you where are the best places to visit these two Dutch treasures

In total there are more than 1000 mills scattered throughout the Dutch territory, however it is not always easy to find them,  in the hundreds of kilometers that we made in this country, we can counted by the fingers the mills that we had saw from the road.

Kinderdijk - Where to see Windmills in the Netherlands

Moinho de Kinderdijk
One of the paths in Kinderdjik

The best area to see the windmills is the Rotterdam region, especially Schiedam and Kinderdijk.

We went to Kinderdijk, which is about 15 kilometers from Rotterdam and is perhaps the best area to see the windmills complex, and to see the management of the water flow through the canals, oroginal Dutch style.

In total there are 19 mills in the complex of the park and others that surround it, all built around the XVIII century. They are located about 20min from Rotterdam, and it is possible to take a bus from the city center.

The region is very beautiful, with the mills, fields and ducks that live there, there are hundreds of ducks flying from one place to another.

Admission to the Kinderdijk park is free. There are two paths between canals and windmills, and a true charming landscape.


Coordinates of the car park, where we sleep with the motorhome:

51º53’01.4”N 4º39’38.5”E

Kinderdijk - Moinhos de Vento
Kinderdijk - Moinhos de Vento
Sunset at kinderdjik


Flowers are another of the Dutch brand images, in total the Netherlands produces millions and millions of flowers, theyare  scattered throughout the territory, however there are some major areas such as Keukenhof, Noordoostpolder, Lisse and Noordwijkerhou. During the Tulipa season there are many flower markets scattered throughout the country.

whene to go?

The best time to see the flowers in the Netherlands is mid-spring, especially at the end of April.

We went in early April and we saw some flowers, but not those fields filled with vibrant colors that we were expecting. Basically everything depends on how the weather is, the best time is between April and May, but every year the time varies a few weeks, depending on if it has already begun the sunny days for the flowers to bloom.

Keukenhof - Where to see the most beautiful flowers of Holland

Keukenhof is close to Lisse in the Netherlands and is the largest flower garden in the world. The flowers have been a passion of the Dutch since the 19th century. XVII.

This is one of the biggest attractions in the Netherlands and about seven million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park.

The park is seasonal, and is only open in the spring period. The opening day is on March 22 and ends on May 13, the park schedule is every day from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. It is located about 35 km from Amsterdam and has a park for car parking, which costs € 6. The value of the Keukenhof park was € 16 each person.

Parque de estacionamento de Keukenhof
Keukenhof motorhome park

The park has an establishment where you can purchase the ticket, or you can simply buy it and book it online. When we walk in, they give us a map of the paths and attractions of the park.

The park is open for about 3 months, the first month tends not to have the flowers all shrouded, in the second month everything is covered with flowers, but usually has many tourists, in the third month does not have all the flowers again. But anytime you go, you’ll always love the park, which is still full of flowers, compared to what we’re used to see.

It has flowers of all kinds and many many tulips; has a windmill, which is possible to climb and have a view over the fields; It has two indoor greenhouses, each year with a different theme. The theme we saw this year was “Dutch Design”.

It is a very well spent day and a joy to see everything so beautiful and colorful.

Some photos of Keukenhof


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