• Capital: Rome
  • Territorial area: 301 338 Km2
  • Population: 60 802 085 
  • Official Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)
itália bandeira

     We went to Italy twice, once in 2015 when we visited Rome, and when we made our trip through Europe by motorhome, in the beginning our idea was to have gone to Naples, but as we had to come back earlier, we only went down  till Florence .

     Italy is a unique country, with many reasons of interest that attract millions of tourists to this territory every year.

     It is a country that can combine a great natural beauty, a rich history, and undoubtedly worth a visit, if possible with time to travel and get to know the country well.

     Tourism turns out to be a negative impact in Italy, at least for travelers because they are everywhere, all the cities we went were full of tourists which is annoying for everyone.

     The Italian coastline, at least as far as we went, is not so beautiful as we first thought, first because it is full of concessions, it’s dificult to find a place where there are no hotels, restaurants or apartments near the beach.

     For those who were traveling by motorhome as we,can  become annoying because we had no place to park, this to add to the fact that it is always full of people and with a huge confusion, made us didn’t fall in love to Italian beaches. In addition  the beaches themselves were  nothing special.

     The most beautiful natural area we saw was undoubtedly the Cinque terre area, an area in Italy with five villages located in seaside, surrounded by vineyards, a breathtaking landscape.

     Prices in supermarkets in Italy are a bit more expensive than in Portugal and diesel is expensive € 1.30, in tourist sites prices go up even higher, in Florence for example they asked us € 10 for an ice cream with two balls and walking of gondola in Venice for example costs 80 €.

     During the time we were in Italy, in July we saw hundreds and hundreds of caravans, especially Italians, either in campsites or in villages where there were festivities .


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