• Capital: Copenhagen
  • Territorial area: 43 094 Km2
  • Population: 5 627 235 
  • Official Language: Danish
  • Currency: Danish crown 
  • Timezone: UTC+1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Denmark was our first Scandinavian country and we crossed the country from Germany to Copenhagen where we crossed the Øresund, a bridge that separates Denmark from Sweden.

     It was a country that surprised us by the amount of green fields that we saw. We did not go to the North of the country, because it was totally out of our way  at the time.

     Something peculiar is that the territory of Denmark seems to be divided into three, because one part is connected continentally to Europe, and then there are two islands that are connected by bridges. The bridges are obligatory and paid, and well paid, for one we paid € 50 for a bridge and € 35 for another, which for us Portuguese cost a little to pay.

     We have not seen big cities, only Copenhagen, its capital. The city is beautiful with a river and some canals, had some old towers, monuments and a popular fair  in the center of the city.

     Something very peculiar in Copenhagen, is Christiania, a zone very close to the center, that was occupied after World War II by hippies, anarchists and artists .. nowadays, it is a very different place, with houses all painted, dealers aselling weed and hash  on the street. They use old washing machines and  barrels of oil like tables.

     We walked on some freeways, always without pay anithing and with many resting areas. We have always parked right onext the water.

     The currency is different, it is the Danish krone and 1 euro is 7.5 kroner. The cost of living is high, a cafe in the capital does not cost less than 3 euros and a menu on MacDonalds is at least 9 euros,  the prices are in line with the other Nordic countries. We always felt safe and saw many caravans.

     There were some parks for caravans and we slept in a space that a couple created in their own house, with all the conditions for caravanists, free.

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