• Capital: Berlin
  • Territorial area: 357 051 Km2
  • Population: 82 175 684 
  • Official language: German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Germany is a very particular country, because of its recent history and the way that that history has altered today’s Europe .

     We have been in Germany three times during our trip around Europe and although we have done many miles from North to South, the country is very large, so we have only been in a small part of its territory.

     Despite its turbulent past ,  Germany in terms of economy, is the strongest country in Europe , although at first glance and for anyone who is passing through, like us, it is not something you feel.

     The road network is probably the best in Europe, with many motorways linking all major cities, all in good condition and with plenty of resting places for drivers and especially truck drivers

     Motorways do not have speed limits, but it is rare to see someone driving too fast, what you se, is many trucks of many European nationalities.

     The largest cities we visited were Munich, Hannover and Berlin.

     The capital, Berlin, was a city that until 1989 was divided by a wall, that surrounded the city and divided Berlin in two, West and East Germany.

     It’s very strange to think that 30 years ago a European capital was like that.

     Berlin was also heavily bombed in World War II and these two events are very noticeable in the city. There are not many monuments, and those who exist, have been rebuilt after the war. You can  feel the division of the city into neighborhoods or zones, due to post World War II.

     Throughout the city, even in the center there are residential areas, which is not very normal. On the other hand, the city has a different vibe, with lots of urban art, many different people and many restaurants ..

     Although the city may seem uninteresting at first sight, Berlin is a city that due to its history and liveliness is a very interesting place.

     At a price level, Germany is perhaps the country where people have a greater purchasing power, the prices in the supermarket are almost the same as in Portugal.

     Eating and drinking out is a bit more expensive. The fuel is cheap compared to what they receive, € 1.10 / L.

     For  campers we found some free sites and we always parked without problem, at the foot of lakes, motorway parks and cities ..

     As for natural landscapes, we did not see anything absolutely stunning, but it is a green country with many trees and lakes, southern Germany due to the presence of the Alps was the most beautiful area we had visited.


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