# 5 Schist Villages to fall in love in Portugal

In the center of Portugal, between Coimbra and Castelo Branco the territory is essentially formed by schist mountains. With the Shale stones of the mountains, our ancestors, built villages very characteristic and with a unique identity. Most are actually located on top of these mountains. In this article we will make known, 5 of the villages that we liked and loved most. They are all totally in Schist and the majority underwent works of restoration and requalification. 

#1 – PIODÃO Village

The Piodão is one of the most well-known villages in Portugal, with so much mediatism, we went with some fear that did not correspond to expectations. But no … it was just the opposite. We had come from a waterfall, called “Fraga da Pena” through the mountains of the Serra do Açor, with breathtaking views, when we changed direction, to begin to descend the Serra and we are surprised to see the village in the background.

The houses all overlaid, one on top of the other, in shades of brown, with their doors and windows in blue and white. The village has two restaurants, a mother church and an information point, where you can get some curiosities and history. The village also has a river beach, very pleasant and where you breathe tranquility.

#2 – gONDRAMAZ Village

Getting to the village of Gondramaz with the van was a challenge, not only because it is right on top of the mountain, but also because there was a big fog and wet weather.

This village dresses in Schist, from head to toe. It’s not too big, but enough to take us into a fantasy world. The little windows with flowers, the figures of art that are found everywhere, the shale on the walls, on the floor, everywhere.

When we arrived at the village we have a poem by Miguel Torga, who greeted us with sweet words: “Life is made of swamps: Of great mountains, waiting for movement, Searas waved by the wind. signs, Of nests that formerly were in the Beiras, Of dust, of the shadow of a fig tree, to see this marvel: my father to erect a vine, like a mother who braids her daughter “

#3 – CERDEIRA Village

The village of Cerdeira is right in the Serra da Lousã. After we passed the town of Lousã, we began our journey always up, in search of the schist villages that are in this zone and next to each other.

When we saw the sign of the village of Cerdeira, we came upon a very steep ascent and the information that the village was 1.5 km away. We did not want to submit our van to such a effort and decided to go on foot.

The village seen from afar is very beautiful and charming. We started walking on the stone walk .. to explore every corner that the village had to offer us. Everything very organized and tastefully restored. The only downside is that the locals are very few and we ended up being in a wonderful location, but almost deserted, without someone being part of the stories between those walls


#4 –  CANDAL Village 

The village of Candal, should be possibly the most sighted, as it is right next to the national road. It is framed in a beautiful surroundings and with lots of flora.

When you stop at the national road level, you do not even notice it, but there it is … on the top of the hill, all in Schist, and transmit peace, tranquility and fresh air, like almost all that mountain villages.

#5 – TAlasnal Village

The village of Talasnal is perhaps the most ‘touristic’ , due to proximity between the village and the city of Lousã, by a pedestrian walk.

As we enter the village, we begin to walk down a main, sloping street, which redirects us to other lanes, some narrower than others and which give us a great desire to discover and explore.

It is totally in Schist and was also restored. As we drove by, this was the last one we visited. Although we have seen a considerable number, we still manage to outdo each other and always see new things. In a very natural environment.

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