# 10 Amazing river beaches in the interior of Portugal

Portugal, from north to south, has more than 200 river beaches. ”Fluvial”, or River beach, as its name implies, means that the beaches originate in the rivers. These are located more inland, where most of the river beaches are located.

Most of the ones we visited are in the center, in the Beiras region. We saw from very natural river beaches, where the water is totally clear and you can see the bottom; beaches with pools with natural air made by the man, but very well framed and with the water to run in cascade; and beaches where water and space is treated as if it were a municipal swimming pool. Lick we went to bathing areas in dams.

In almost all we went by motorhome and we stayed overnight.

#1 – Loriga River beach

Loriga is located in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. After de Village of Loriga a few kilometers up, you see a space with many cars and when passing over a bridge, we see the river beach on our left.

Ideally, the best time to visite river beaches that are popular is arriving in the morning or at the end of the day, because the possible parking places are almost always crowded.

The beach is in a very beautiful setting, with the mountains behind. The river turns to it large pool, which at the bottom looks like an infinity pool, has two for children, with very little depth and one with rocks – in all the water is very clear . In fact, this beach is the only one in Portugal situated in the glacial valley. The water comes from Ribeira das Courelas, born in the upper plateau of the mountain range.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – 40 ° 19’35.2 “N 7 ° 40’44.0” W

  • Parking clay
  • Coffee
  • Establishment
    With shower (no hot water)
  • With bathrooms
  • Several spaces lay

#2 – Foz D’Égua River Beach 

Foz d’Égua, is located 4 km from the village of Piodão and is an authentic wonder of nature.

The water comes from the natural course of the river and is very clean. It has two very elegant bridges in arched stone. It is possible to take a walk to a sactuary of Our Lady. There is also a pedestrian path to Piodão.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – 40 ° 14’54.2 “N 7 ° 48’43.8” W

  • Parking clay
  • Coffee near

#3- aGROAL River Beach

The river beach of Agroal, in the municipality of Ourém, was our first stop after Tomar. This beach is located in an area with great natural beauty, it has a man-made pool, but it connects very well with its river, Nabão.

The water is clear and veryo cold. It has some car parks, but all on clay. We got close to lunchtime and had no where to park, we had to wait for the end of the day to go to the parking lot near the beach.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – 39 ° 40’39.9 “N 8 ° 26’17.6” W

  • Parking dirt road / road next to a river
  • Coffee
  • With sand
    With bathroom

#4- Piodão River Beach 

Pense num lugar entre as montanhas, algures numa colina de um vale, uma aldeia de pedra em tons de castanho . Onde as casas são totalmente em Xisto  e muito organizadas. Esse sítio é o Piodão. Nesta aldeia fantástica há uma praia fluvial, que ganha com a proximidade com esta aldeia um encanto muito especial.

A água é transparente e fria e quando fica sem pessoas fica um local muito tranquilo. 

Coordenadas (estacionamento/pernoita) – 40°13’43.3″N 7°49’33.4″W

  • Historical center
  • Bathroom

# 5 –  cARDIGOS River Beach

When we reached the river beach of Cardigos, shortly after Vila de Rei, we did not expect what we were going to find. We parked at the tip of a small ‘cliff’ with other vans.

We got off and went back to the beach. The place where the vans can stop is very nice, overlooking the river “pool” with barbecue, bathroom and trash can. I say pool, because they treat that space as if it were a municipal swimming pool, all very careful and put chlorine water.

The ”river beach ” has many different places to be, has sun loungers and a camping area for tents. Has a coffee shop, with the basics that anyone has. A bathing area with sand and lawn. All free.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – 39 ° 42’33.3 “N 8 ° 00’52.3” W

  • Bathroom
  • Bathing season
  • Barbecue
  • Space for snacks
  • Several bathing areas with sand and grass

# 6- Meimao river beach

The river beach of Meimão, is next to the Serra da Malcata, in an intensely forested area. The space is somewhat private, with surveillance cameras and a coffee shop with tourist village. Those in charge said we could stay overnight without a problem. We slept right by the dam, in a car park with an incredible view.

It is possible to go hiking and there are some boats and kayaks for rent, . It also has a floating pool with two areas with different depths.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – N40º16’10 ” 7º8’35 ”

  • Canoe, boat and seagull rental
  • Bathroom
  • Coffee shop
  • Floating pool
  • Parking

# 7- pOÇO DA bROCA River Beach

Pit or ‘Poço’ in portuguese, da Broca was a surprise, moreover a pleasant surprise. Soon after Piodão and Foz d’égua, comes this place.

It has three cascades, totally different from each other, diverse spaces, rugged terrain and very clear water, so much that you can see all the little fish that swim near our feet. It is set in a very green and natural surroundings, only the cafes are that ” spoil ” the landscape a bit.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – N40º17’33 ” O7º45’11 ”

  • Two coffee shops
  • A few parking places
  • Cascades
  • Beach area with rocks and sand

# 8 -CANEIRO DE CÔJA River beach

Côja is a funny village, which has a river Alva to pass under a centennial bridge. Its river beach is very beautiful, where a waterfall separates one zone from another.

There is a café in the background, made of stone, a zone with sand to stand, a surfboard and a lot of water to swim. The water is a bit cold, but it goes in well. There is a campsite right next door and a dirt car park. We spent the night in the village, in a car park. In the village there is public bathroom and showers (no hot water).

  • Next to the village
  • Bathroom
  • Jump board
  • Beach area with sand and rocks
  • Campsite

# 9  mONSARAZ River beach

Monsaraz is a village that stands on a hill in the Alentejo, near the Alqueva dam. At the top has incredible views, well worth it.

Down there is the river beach. It is very well done, has sand, trees, the area is wide .. breathe tranquility. It has a small cafe, bathrooms and shower.

  • Bathing season
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • parking lot
  • Beach area with sand and grass


The river beach of Bostelim, is located in a very pleasant space. It has a rural camping site, space for snacks, barbecue and changing rooms with bathroom and shower. The park to just be parked does not have any cost, only if you want to stay overnight is what you pay for. The value is around € 5 all-inclusive.

The water is really from the river and the environment is very natural and green.

Coordinates (parking / overnight) – N36º43’26 ” O8º6’30 ”

  • Bathing season
  • Bathroom
  • Shower with hot water
  • Parking
  • campsite

These are just 10 of the beaches we have been to, however Portugal has 250 beaches spread all over its territory and for sure many of them  would also be well on this list!

In this site is a list with 250 river beaches in Portugal. 

In the map below are located the 10 fluvial beaches described above, to have a better perception of the route that we made. Portugal has many beautiful sites to discover and explore.

some of the beaches we went

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