Tallin what to know?

We visited Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and it was a good surprise, we found a medieval center in great condition, very cozy and with old churches and buildings all weel preserved.

Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia and the most developed city in the Baltic countries, is a developed city with the largest number of startup per person in Europe.

I suppose it was not always the case, but for a few years now, Tallinn has become a very popular city for tourists, mainly from that part of Europe, due to its unique medieval atmosphere, its historical center, which is one of the best we saw in Europe.

We arrived in Tallinn from ferrie, coming from Finland. The harbor is right next tonthe city center so we only walked about 500 meters before we park, 5 minutes from the historic center.

If you want to know the price of ferrie click here. Due to its strategic position in the Gulf of Finland, since the 14th century that Tallinn is an important commercial point between Northern Europe and Russia.

The historical center, came to have 66 watchtowers, to protect the city from looters.

In the centuries that followed to this day, Tallinn was part of the empires of Sweden, Denmark and the Russians.

In more recent history the Germans occupied Tallinn during the Second World War and became part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics until the 1990s.

Nowadays the city has many reasons to attract tourists, mainly in the historical center, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.


  • The Main Square

Right in the center of the city, this is the main square of Tallinn since the times of the Hanseatic League, in the XIV century, today is where the main events of the city are held, from the Christmas market in winter to summer concerts. some cafes and restaurants, as well as the tourist information center.

  • Church  St. Alexander Nevsky

The city’s main orthodox church occupies a prominent place on the top of Mount Tompea. It’s one of the most beautiful Orthodox cathedrals we’ve ever seen.

Tallinn - Estonia
  • Cathedral of Virgem de St. Maria

The city’s main Lutheran church, built in 1233, has been rebuilt many times, and nowadays it is a mixture of styles, but predominantly the Baroque.

  • The Watchtowers

The old watchtowers of the old town of Tallinn are one of the capital’s main attractions. Some of them function today as museums, and at least one of them can be climb to the top.

Tallinn - Estonia
  • Virus Gates

One of the symbols of Tallinn, and one of the old entrances of the city that still stands.

In addition to these, there is other attractions, they are: Tompea Castle, St. Nicholas Church, the National Opera and the Maritime Museum of Tallinn.

Tallinn is a welcoming capital, ideal for a weekend visit.

For a overnight stay in a motorhome:

Tallinn  59°26’24.5″N 24°45’17.0″E

Only overnight, paid parking during the day, but it is cheap.

Map of tallinn

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