Sesimbra – Cape Espichel, Sesimbra Castle and Ribeiro de Cavalo Beach

Ribeiro do Cavalo - Sesimbra

We strolled through Sesimbra, where we went to Cape Espichel, Sesimbra castle and Ribeiro de Cavalo beach.

This region of Portugal is particularly beautiful because it has a great diversity of landscapes and has a unique geographical setting, with an Atlantic coast that stretches from Lagoa de Albufeira to the Serra da Arrábida.

Sesimbra is a Portuguese village that belongs to the municipality of Setúbal. It is a destination linked to the sea, where fishing traditions intersect with tourist activities such as diving, sailing or canoeing.

This small script is ideal for doing on a sunny spring day.

Ribeiro do Cavalo - Sesimbra

#1 - Cape Espichel

The road from the path up to Cape Espichel is very quiet, country style. In the background we began to see the sea and soon after the lighthouse. There is a dirt car park where you can park your car.

Get out of the car and look around. When we went it was a very beautiful day, we walked along the tracks to the sea and strolled through beautiful landscapes with the sea as a backdrop.

Cabo Espichel - Portugal
Cabo Espichel - Portugal

Already far from the lighthouse, near the cliffs to an abandoned house, all shattered and with vestiges of urban art.

If you walk the road to the right side of the lighthouse (if you are facing the sea) you will find another car park. Then to the merchants with “stalls” who sell objects connected to the sea and roulotes to sell food, like dogs, sandwiches … the prices are very much in account.

Right next door is the Church of Our Lady of the Cape. It was built between 1701 and 1707. In the eighteenth century its interior was improved and ten altars were built side by the pilgrims.

Inside the church, it is not allowed to take pictures and it is worth the visit. When you leave, go through one of the arches facing the sea and see the wonderful landscape.

#2 - Castle of Sesimbra

When you are arriving by car to the Castle of Sesimbra there is a car park below and a pedestrian path, continue to climb with the car by the steepest road and there you will see another car park, with bathroom and an information point, which goes a little unnoticed.

On site there are many trees and benches, sit down have a picnic and enjoy the scenery. The castle that was once the scene of battles, today is a monument and its entrance is free.

The castle was conquered to the Moors by Dom Afonso Henriques in the year 1165. Later it was defeated, having been rebuilt in 1200 by D. Sancho I. At the moment, underwent works of restoration. 

The castle sits atop a hill and have a beautiful view. Climb the steps and walk around the wall, it has a view of both the Serra da Arrábida and the village of Sesimbra.

Sesimbra - Portugal
Sesimbra - Portugal
Sesimbra - Portugal
Sesimbra - Portugal
Sesimbra - Portugal

#3 - Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach

When leaving the Castle of Sesimbra turns to the road on your left and follow the road to the bottom towards the sea will give the beginning of a trail to one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, Ribeiro de Cavalo beach.

The trail to the beach is signposted with arrows and is through small shrubs. The beach does not have any food equipment or garbage cans, so it’s important to take something to eat, to hydrated and some sacks where you can put the trash.

The increase of tourism in these small beaches have some negative impacts, the garbage is one og them. t. You can contribute positively and pick up some glass bottle or plastic object, do not think that “you are picking up the garbage of others”, think that it may be saving the life of some living being. 

Ribeiro do Cavalo - Portugal

It is advisable to bring suitable footwear, because the path is of beaten earth and then it is a sharp descent between some rocks. It takes about 15 minutes (depending on the pace of each) to reach the sandy beach.

In the middle of the descent you have a corner where you can see the view from above. The landscape is fabulous, it even looks like we are in a caribbean beach, the sea has very beautiful shades of blue and huge cliffs lying in the middle of the beach.

You should also be aware of the possibility of there may be a collapse on the cliffs. Another way to get to the beach, but less frequent, is by sea, from the village of Sesimbra. They are small boats, fisherman style or canoes.

Summing up:

  • Go with proper footwear;
  • Bring food and something to hydrate;
  • Be aware that there is danger of overthrow;
  • Do not leave anything on the beach that you have taken with you and if you see some glass or plastic bottle take to the trash.
Ribeiro do Cavalo - Sesimbra
Ribeiro do Cavalo - Sesimbra

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