• Capital: Bucareste
  • Territorial area: 238 391 Km2
  • Population: 19 942 642 
  • Oficial Language: Romanian
  • Currency: Leu Romanian
  • Timezone: UTC +2 (Summer UTC +3

     Romania was an interesting country to visit, since we were children, we have been confronted with stereotypes about the Romanian population since the beggars came there, so was funny to demystify this idea.

     As soon as we entered Romania, we entered by a new, free.  motorway. We saw many foreign cars, especially from Germany.

     We do not know if they are emigrants, or people who go there to buy the cars, because they did not look like tourists.

     The country is quite green and with many cultivated fields in the region we saw, West. We went to a big city, called Timisoara, it is a friendly city with 2 very pretty churches and a Roman opera. This town had lots of tourists / locals, the restaurants and cafes were very busy. The people were well dressed and looked almost like going to a wedding.

     The prices were only a little cheaper than ours, their currency is Lei 1euro are 4,5Lei. Out of curiosity the Lidl we went to in a town after the border was the only Lidl, in more than 20 countries that we had saw a security in the door.

     We saw many Catholic crosses on the streets. We visited a waterfall called “The Bigar”, which was beautiful and outside of normal, in the middle of mountains.

     It was a Monday and the waterfall was full of Romanians.  We also saw a lot of trash on the way and in the parking lots. We did not saw the people that look like the the Romanian “beggars”,we hardly saw people with darker or furrowed skin.

     We got the idea that the people who in Portugal are titled “Romanians” are a Romanian ethnic minority, the people we saw, at least where we were, were very different.

     Romania means Land of the Romans and this is mainly felt in the language, which derives from the Latin and has similarities to ours.

     We also saw some bridges and buildings that resembled the “Roman”. The main roads we walked on were good and recent, partly due to EU aid, the nationals were reasonable. We only slept one night in Romania and had no reason for insecurities, other than that security in Lidl.

     For motorhomes we did not see anything and only saw a caravan. What we have seen from the country is beautiful and we believe it is even more interesting in the interior.

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