Cairngorms National Park – A treasure in the heart of Scotland

The Cairngorms National Park is the largest natural park in the UK, and the dozens of parks we visited during our trip through Europe was one of our favorites.

The park is about 4,500 km2 and is located in north-central Scotland due to the Cairngorms mountains, the park is a popular winter sports destination as there are a few ski slopes, the park is also sought after by hikers and nature lover’s, as it offers a very beautiful landscape, with vast areas of forests and many lakes.

We arrived at the natural park coming from Fort George, which is a fortress of sec. XVIII in the shape of a star, built to defend Scotland from the Jacobin revolution, this fort is north of Inverness which had been our previous destination.

Our first stop in the park was Aviermore, a popular tourist village for anyone who wants to explore the Cairngorms National Park, has many hiking shops, petrol pump and a supermarket, ideal for anyone who wants to refuel before entering in more  remote areas.

In the park, we also recommend a visit to the tourist center  because they have a lot of information about the area and a lot of maps.


After talking to some people we decided to head towards Lake Morlich because they had told us that there were many possibilities for hiking and that it was a very beautiful place .  

We arrived at the end of the afternoon and soon we came across a beautiful landscape and best of all, an ideal place to stay with the caravan, it was one of those places that the most complicated was actually going away (besides being a very beautiful place  we ran out of battery power which made it literally the tricky task to go away).

Lake Morlich

Lake Morlich is a lake within the Cairngorms National Park, the lake is about 13 km from Aviermore, and has the highest beach in the UK, a very good looking camping site, a conservation and reintroduction Moose center, a winter sports track, a boat and canoe hire site and many hiking trails for all tastes.

On one of the days that we were in this lake, we did a long walk of about 20 km, which took us to the encounter of semi-wild moose, these moose that were extinct in this zone and were reintroduced in the 50’s, live’s in zones without fences but are accompanied by humans, which makes it possible to be even close to them that we usualy ben to wild animals.



This area is like an ‘alley’ and after the Lake Morlich the road ends and there are only mountains and trees, to continue traveling is necessary to return to Aviermore, this makes it a very natural site, which offers many options for who wants to be in contact with nature, little touched by man.

The Cairngorms National Park offers many possibilities for those who want to be in contact with nature, however it is also possible to visit some castles and distilleries that are scattered throughout the park.

Whene to go?

The park can be visited both in winter and summer, in winter it is ideal for those who are looking for a destination with snow, where you can ski, sku or snowbord.

In the summer offers some possibilities to go bathing in one of its lakes. The hiking trails are almost all open all year round, only a few castles, and other infrastructures close in the low season.


For an overnight motorhome stay:

Lake Morlich 57 ° 10’00.5 “N 3 ° 43’00.4” W
Just for overnight, very beautiful place 2 meters from the water.

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