Zakynthos – What to do in 3 days


Zakynthos is a Greek island and is located to the northwest of its continental territory. Today it is an important tourist destination in Greece and one of the most important places of the Mediterranean sea for diving.

Before we decided witch island we wanted to visit, we had to do some research on ferry prices, what to see and what to do on the islands .. we opted for Zakynthos.

It was the first time we left our little house on wheels alone for 3 days, 2 nights. The ferrie cost us € 25, both, and with the motorhome would be € 120.


The ferrie sails from Kyllini and you can buy tickets there at with no extra cost. We also left the camper in the harbor parking lot and there was no problem.

As soon as we arrived we tried to rent a motorbike to travel around the island, and so it was, we rented a motorbike for two days for € 30. It is undoubtedly an asset to have our means of transport, not to be dependent on buses, or limited to the places to go.

We bought the tickets from one day to the other and decided that we would not take the camper, we saw an apartment on the Booking, which was the cheapest on availabel and had a very good feedback, called “Blue Lake” and is in the Keri area. It cost us € 38, two nights.

After we rented the motorcycle, we traveled from Zakynthos to Keri, which is 20 Kms.

We were very lucky with our apartment, in terms of price-quality. It was very nice, friendly people, had balcony, a kitchen and bathroom, we could not ask for more.

One of the main attractions on the island is the sea turtles, which live near the island of Caretta.

There are companies with small boats that make excursions around the area to see turtles and explore the caves and cliffs along the coast.

Turtles can only be seen when they come to breathe at the top of the sea, or whene they swim on a darks background. The time of the tour was 3 hours and cost 10 euros per person, and was worth it.

Tartaruga Caretta

As we had never had the experience of driving a boat, we rented a motorboat, for 2:30h and it was 50 €.

We loved the experience, going sailing in the crystal clear waters and seeing the island of Caretta and the coast area. The island also an area with a lot of nightlife, near Laganas. That’s why it appeals to different age groups.

The area where we stayed (keri) is very beautiful, quiet and relaxing, with a beach about 5 min walking, without many people and with a blue tone of the water very clear.  Finally, we saw one of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen. A view under the beach of Navagio.

Which is surrounded by cliffs, has a shade of blue’s in the sea and in the sand there is a shipwreck. It is also possible to go to the beach by boat, we asked the price and it is 10 euros per person. We saw turtles in their natural habitat, we sail a boat and saw very beautiful landscapes. It was three very full days, with incredible moments and unique experiences.

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