Van Conversion #2 – The Plan, Cleanning, and the anti-rust protection

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What we considered most important, even before the cleaning and starting to actually do something in the van, was to take it to a mechanic for a general overhaul, because it’s no good to be making big plans and starting to build things if the van has some problems.

In the general overhaul of mechanics we changed the oils, filters, brakes.

the plant

Transformação motorhome carinha

As soon as we bought the van we measured the box right away so we could start to entertain ourselves to make the plant and think what would be the best way to have the arrangement of things.

Something that help us a lot, was the fact we have already lived for 9 months in a motorhome. Thus, we have a better perception of what we need and what we do not need. For example, we chose not to have a sink in the bathroom, just a shower.

There were some factors that directly influenced our choice of plant:

  • We want to have a functional bathroom with shower and toilet. What will change the overall layout of the van, because it is something that takes up a lot of space, both physical and visual;
  • We make sure that the bed is always mounted and that we can sit at the table;
  • We would like to have a stove.
  • We want to have the kitchen bench constantly unoccupied;
  • The van will be designed for 2 people, but with the possibility of having more people sitting at the same time.
  • We want to be self-sufficient at the energy level and have at least 100L of clean water.

Above is our first sketch of the plant and although there may be some minor changes, this is how the van should stay.

It is important to make the sketch before everything else, because when it is to make the structure of the floor, it is convenient to take into account where the furniture of greater weight will be, to match the structure and to be bolted to it.

As you can see, the photograph on the side is the result of our ground structure. The wooden slats will match the walls of the bathroom, with the bed and the kitchen counter.

Our bed will be a double bed, although a part of it goes down to make of bench, keeping a single bed always made. It will be about 1 meter high to allow a small garage underneath.

The table will rise in the direction of the wall so as to clear the space when necessary.

We will have stove, oven, dishwasher, fridge and extractor in the kitchen.

The bathroom will have a portable toilet, just like we had in our old motorhome.

The Cleannig and the anti-rust painting

As soon as we could get down to work, we started by cleaning the whole van, which was no longer cleaned up for a long time.

The van was used to transport horses, so we had a lot of fun taking bits of hay from every corner of the cart and the occasional bit of poop.

We used Mistolin, to take away all the fat and crap.

The cleaning is important because it will allow a better adhesion of all the materials that will be placed later in the structure of the station wagon.

Transformação motorhome carinha
Transformação motorhome carinha

Then we applied a white anti-rust paint on the whole floor of the van, this is to save us from future problems in the rust.

Although it may seem only a small point, over time it becomes a hole and with the hole comes the humidity …. which we want to avoid as much as possible.

Transformação motorhome carinha
Transformação motorhome carinha
Transformação motorhome carinha

Then it’s time to start doing the floor, but that’s the theme for an upcoming article!

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