• Capital: Estocolmo
  • Área Territorial: 449 964 Km2
  • População: 9 415 295
  • Língua oficial: Sueco
  • Moeda: Coroa Sueca
  • Fuso-Horário: UTC +1 (Verão UTC +2)

     Sweden is the most populous and largest Nordic country. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to visit Sweden in all its extension and only visited the southern part of the country

     The north will have to stay for another opportunity, from what we saw the north must be beautiful, the reason that led us to not go more North was the cold and the ice, which made decide to stay in the southern part of the country..

     Our experience in this country was short because without being Stockholm we just stopped to sleep and little else. We did the entire west coast, from Malmo to Oslo and then from Oslo to Stockholm, which is about 500km.

     Where we passed we  saw many lakes , and many trees. Out of curiosity, we slept on the largest lake in Europe, not counting the Russian lakes, called Vänern. In this area we saw many rabbits and deers and we always parked in very nice wild camping spots.

     The Capital, Stockholm, is a nice town capital with ornate buildings and some monuments, there are many islands and canals, and when we caught the ferrie, we sail about an hour only between the islands.

     There are many boats in the city and there are some tourists. There is an “old medieval town” with old buildings and narrow streets.

     Prices, as is normal in the Nordic countries, are high, diesel was at € 1.30 / L and bread for example 0.50cent a very small ball.

     Although we have seen some caravans there are not many support sites, however it was in this country that we stayed in the best free motorhome infrastructure, in Karlskoga on the shore of Lake Vänern. It is a place with light, water, Internet and showers, totally free.


For an overnight caravan

Near Malmo: N 55.69813, E 13.05087

Karlskoga: N 59.32083, E 14.53806

Some photos of Sweden

articles about sweden



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