• Capital: Belgrad
  • Territorial: 88 361 Km2
  • Population: 10 147 398 
  • Official language: Currency: Serbian Dinnar
  • Timezone: UTC +1 ( Summer UTC +2

     Serbia was the only country where we only stopped in one city, but we crossed almost from one end to the other, always by the national road, which gave us a fairly general idea of ​​the country.

     This country does not belong to the EU, but the roads are still relatively good, and there are road signs indicating that there are places of interest, the villages are nice, although there are many houses in brick, unpainted.

     We stayed in one of the 4 campsites we stayed during the trip, and we met some Serbs and there was one of them who was a language teacher and spoke a little Portuguese, which is curious.

     There is some difference between Serbia and other more developed countries, we can see this on the roads, houses, and even in the cities, it’s all a bit older, we went to a market that was similar to the market that we saw in Ukraine.

     We did not go to Belgrade because we made a big mistake, that was to try to enter the city at rush hour, so we ended up in a situation where there were no parking places and there was a lot of confusion, so at the time we decided to continue journey.

     Prices are cheap, although we did not go to a big supermarket; in the restaurants and in the campsite the prices were lower than the rest of Europe (€ 1 is 120 Sv)

     The country is flat to the northeast, but the further south and west, the more mountainous it gets. That’s where we saw more tractors and huge gravestones by the side of the road.

     We saw some campsites, especially at the foot of lakes, but free facilities for motorhome are non-existent.

     We did not see great reasons for natural interest and we also had no reason for insecurities.

Some photos of Serbia

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