• Capital: Podgorica
  • Territorial area: 13 810 Km2
  • Population: 684 736 
  • Official: Montenegrin
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Our passage through Montenegro was short and always along the coast, we entered from the South, coming from Albania and we traveled all the way to the border with Croatia. We visited Ulcinj, a tourist village and Kotor, a very interesting medieval town.

     Although we have not gone to the countryside, we could see that the country is very mountainous. In fact, 70% of the territory of Montenegro is mountains. On the coast the terrain is a bit more regular and there are quite a few tourist areas with some beaches, restaurants, hotels and nightlife sites.

     When we visited this country in early July we saw many foreign cars, mainly Russians and Germans.

    The price level is normal in this type of countries, everything that is exported is a bit more expensive than in Portugal, but what is produced in the country is cheap.

     The roads are good, better than we expected.

     For motorhomes we did not see anything specific but we always parked without problem.


     For a overnight stay in a motorhome:

Ulcinj: 41º55’20.6N 19º12’07.5”E (only overnight and for small motorhomes because it is necessary to go through narrow streets)

Kotor: 42º25’22.5N 18º45’42.7”E (overnight only)


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