Kotor – A pearl in the Adriatic sea

Kotor is a medieval fortified village in Montenegro and a natural harbor, located in the bay of Cathar. The region is well known for its beautiful fjords, where you can see the harmony between land and sea. In the port dock several cruises that pass through its close connection of water with the Adriatic Sea.

Kotor was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built between  XII and XIV centuries. In the past it was part of the Republic of Venice and it is possible to see Roman influence in its architecture. The village is fortified and has a kind of a moat in front of it.

We visited Kotor by motorhome at the end of June and it is very difficult to park, I remember that we tried to park in a park near the port, but it was expensive, so we opted to go across the bay and it was the best thing we did. We were able to stay overnight with no problem and with a wonderful view of the fjord and the village of Kotor.

Coordinates for overnight camper: 42º25’22.5N 18º45’42.7 “W

Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro

Stari Grad – Historical Center

Kotor is one of those places that when we arrive is a pleasant surprise. Stari Grad is the historical center, its entrance is made through the Port of the Sea.

As soon as we enter it gives us the feeling that we have walked back in time. It is inspiring to stroll through its alleys and absorb what surrounds us, there are churches, squares, craft shops and mountains surrounding the village.

At the moment Kotor is a new stage of tourist activity. There are many cruises that every day dock in the port and bring hundreds of tourists, as well as the tourism that is made of neighboring countries, the area of ​​the Balkans, which makes the historic center also dedicated to this activity, there are huge restaurants, souvenir shops ..

Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro

San Giovanni Walls – Panoramic view of the village

When you are strolling in the village, head for the mountains and quickly find the entrance to the walls. The fortress and the walls were built in the 15th century due to the constant attacks of the Ottoman Empire.

The wall is one of the main attractions of the city. To reach the top you have to climb 1300 steps, but believe me … the effort pays off a lot, itsmost beautiful view of Kotor. The cost to start climbing  is € 3.

There are a lot of people going up and some going down and it’s a good idea to be careful because the staircase is very steep. Take water and some food for the road, however there are always vendors who find themselves on the stairs selling water, beer and soft drinks.

Do not worry if you do not feel able to reach the top. The view is enchanting from all points of the staircase, further down you have a closer view of the village and from the highest point we can see the whole surroundings of the village, the fjord and the mountains.

Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro
Kotor - Montenegro

How to get to kotor?

The easiest way to get to Kotor is perhaps to go out, for example, at Dubrovnik airport in Croatia and rent a car to get around.

Kotor is one of those special sites, and that undoubtedly deserves a visit for those who are traveling in this part of Europe, is close to other very interesting points in this area like Dubrovnik or Mostar.

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