Hallstatt – A treasure in the mountains of Austria


Hallstatt is an Austrian village in the middle of the mountains about 90km from Salzburg, this village is known for its beauty, for being situated in a beautiful landscape near the Hallstätter See, surrounded by mountains, and for its history, dating back to the. XII BC, which is the date of the first vestiges of civilization found in Hallstatt.
The main attractions today in Hallstatt are its Salt Mines, The Charnel House which is a chapel with 1200 skulls, the lake and the pedestrian paths that can be made around it and the village itself, which although small, has a very special and cozy charm.

We visited Hallstatt after Salzburg, we left the city and took the road 148 towards Bad Ischl and then towards Hallstat. When we arrived, we came across a funny situation, because parking without paying in that village is practically impossible,  because of the slopes of the mountain and the lake, there is very little space left for cars.

In recent years some parking lots have been made at the foot of the village in P + R (PARK AND RIDE) mode. You park you car and then you take a bus that takes you to the village, there is other parking at the foot of the village that does not need a transport to the villa, but are obviously paid.

We chose to go to Obertaum which is a village across the lake, 5 km from Hallstatt, and we could not have made a better choice.

First because it was very quiet, very different from Hallstatt which ” suffers ” quite a lot with the weight of tourism because there are too many tourists for the size of the village, then because it was equally beautiful, in the middle of a beautiful natural area.

For those who want to take a swim in a heated pool surrounded by mountains, you can always go to the Dormio Obertaum Resort, which is a small lakeside resort that has a heated indoor pool and costs only € 3 per person.

We stayed in Obertraun for 3 days and it was very nice, it is a very beautiful area to stroll, or just enjoy the calm and the beautiful scenery that this Austrian region has to offer.

There are no big infrastructures in this area, so we recommend that anyone who buys grocery shopping, gasoline …



How to get there:

Airplane: Fly to Salzburg, Vienna or Innsbruk and take a tourist bus to Hallstatt

Car: From Salzburg follow the road 148 and follow the signs that say Hallstatt, in the cold months it is necessary some precautions due to snow on the road, although it is not very complicated because village is at 500m altitude only.

Train: Enter in Salzburg and get out in Hallstatt, then there are two options, or if you catch a boat that costs 5 € one way + back, or do a pedestrian route of about 7 km around the side, which is very rewarding.

To spend the night by motorhome:

Obertraun: 47 ° 33’31.3 “N 13 ° 40’44.2” E 47.558706N, 13.678949E (overnight only, no facilities)

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