• Capital: Helsínquia
  • Territorial area: 338 145 Km2
  • Population: 5 348 357
  • Oficiall language: Finnish and Swedish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (summer UTC +2)

     Our passage through Finland was basically based on the Turko-Helsinki route, about 180 kilometers.

     We had come from Stockholm in Sweden, from where we caught a ferry to Turko, the ferrie took 11 hours and cost us € 155 the two with the caravan.

     We made the journey of 180 kilometers in two days, and on the third we went to Helsinki, a nice and pleasant capital to visit, especially for its cathedrals, an Orthodox and a Lutheran, that stand out in the city, and the fortress of Suomenlinna.

     Apart from these, there were still some more monuments and some statues scattered around the city.

     When we were in Helsinki, we took the opportunity to visit Suonmelina, an archipelago / fortress about 10 minutes by boat from the capital. There was also a food market typical of the sea, where we ate a salmon soup and Miguel an Elk sausage.

     Prices in general are higher than ours (Portugal) , but cheaper than the rest of the Nordic countries. We had no problems parking and we always felt safe.


Overnight in a motorhome:

Helsinki: N 60 ° 10’55 “, E 24 ° 59’31”

Ideal for overnight before the ferrie and about 5 kilometers from the center, Only for overnight stay.

Some photos of our passage from Finland

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