• Capital: Brussels
  • Territorial area: 30 528 Km2
  • Population: 10 903 551 
  • Official Language: Dutch, French and German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Belgium is the only country that we only had  visited cities, we went to Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and Dinant, during our motorhome trip.

     We saw some fields but nothing special, we saw a country with a very population density (Belgium have 3x the population density of Portugal)

     The three big cities that we visited were pleasant surprises, very beautiful, with plenty of cycle paths, tasteful cafes, and a very characteristic architecture. Out of curiosity there was almost no trash, no garbage, because they work with a garbage collection system at the door of each house, and on several occasions we had difficulty finding trash container to put our trash.

     The three cities had main squares, very ornate, with the tops of some buildings adorned with gold figurines, all very beautifull.

     The country is divided into two large areas, Flanders and Wallonia, which is very noticeable, both in terms of language and prices (in Flanders in the north it is all more expensive).

     The Belgians have three official languages, in Wallonia they speak more French, while in Flanders German and Dutch Flanders are the first language.

     Prices are a bit high, although in Wallonia they are more affordable.

     The roads are good, we traveled on highways and freeways without having to pay anything and we parked in the cities without problems.

     Sites for motorhomes are almost zero. We felt safe in all the places we went.


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