• Capital: Vienna
  • Territorial area: 83 879 Km2
  • Population: 8 393 600 
  • Official Language: German
  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: UTC +1 (Summer UTC +2)

     Austria was our second ” really snowy ” destination of our trip around Europe, and did not disappoint.

     We have been in beautiful places, surrounded by snow and hills, as we have been in cities surrounded by culture, it is a very complete country in this aspect.

     We entered the country from Germany and went  Pertisau, a village in the mountains at the foot of a lake, although the road is a litle bit hard, we advise anyone traveling by car in this area to visit, especially to do snow sports.

     We liked Austria a lot, for several reasons. First, we were very lucky in all the places we went, because they were always very beautiful, good for motorhomes and different.

     We went to tho big cities, Salzburg and Vienna, very interesting places, safe and beautiful.

    We were also in Pertissau and Obertraun, where we camped right next to the  lakes; Second, it was affordable, much cheaper than Switzerland, which for winter tourism is better. Hire Skis, was 17 euros, for example, in Pertisau.

     In this country, as in Switzerland, a vignette is also required to drive on motorways. Since we did not buy, we did not drove any motorways. However, the national roads are good. The standard of living seemed good, prices are not very high, tobacco and fuel are cheaper than in Portugal.

     For motorhomes we saw practically nothing and much less free spots, but we always stopped without problem.

     The capital, Vienna deserves a visit, has many historical elements, very ornate streets, with columns and windows very well arranged. We went to the Museum of Natural History and it was very interesting, with a great collection of minerals, embalmed animals, fossils, skeletons, pottery and World History utensils.


To spend the night by motorhome:


Pertisau: 47 ° 26’13.1 “N 11 ° 42’16.8” E (overnight only)

Salzburg: 47 ° 48’22.9 “N 13 ° 02’17.0” E (overnight only, parking paid)

Obertraun: 47 ° 33’31.3 “N 13 ° 40’44.0” E (only overnight, with swimming pool at € 3 a few meters)


Official Austria Tourism site

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